Hyundai Palisade vs. Volkswagen Atlas – Battle of the Family-Friendly SUVs

If you’re in the market for a new family-friendly SUV, you likely know it can be an overwhelming experience. With seemingly limitless options, how do you choose the best one for your needs? Well, let’s take a closer look at two popular contenders – Hyundai Palisade vs. Volkswagen Atlas. So, buckle up because it’s time to find out who will come out ahead in this battle of the crossover SUVs.

Get into the ultimate 2024 SUV comparisons and choose the most suitable four-wheeler. Both SUVs are pretty affordable for their category. But at the base trim level, the Hyundai Palisade is the better choice overall, with its well-equipped infotainment system and superior horsepower. However, the situation gets more complicated as we go up the trim levels. The Atlas provides exceptional performance when upgraded with a V6 engine (The 2024 VW Atlas is equipped with an enhanced turbocharged four-cylinder engine, delivering an increased power of 269 horsepower). When it comes to luxury SUV interior comparisons, the Volkswagen SUV is also a better choice if your top priority is having sufficient interior space.

The Best Family SUVs for 2024 – A Comfortable Ride for Every Family Member

Sports Utility Vehicles, better known as simply SUVs, have become a common sight on the most famous routes in the US due to their versatile nature. These four-wheelers combine the spaciousness of a larger ride with the ruggedness and capability of an off-road vehicle. Which makes them a perfect choice for a family car.

Enjoy a Crossover Vehicle Technology

Both vehicles stand out in the competitive crossover market with advanced technology designed to elevate the driving experience. These SUVs actually are some of the best four-wheelers that embody the future of crossover technology, blending innovative features with a commitment to enhancing convenience and safety on the road. Here are other cars you can check out if you’re looking for a crossover SUV:

  • Kia,
  • Honda,
  • Toyota,
  • BMW,
  • Chevrolet,
  • Mercedes Benz,
  • Nissan.

Practical, Comfortable, and Versatile Car – Perfect for Modern Families

Designed to accommodate both passengers and cargo. These spacious vehicles offer ample seating for the whole family. They often come equipped with numerous safety features to ensure a secure journey with no driving stress.

With their generous interior space, these vehicles provide an excellent balance between passenger comfort and storage capacity. Making them ideal for road trips, daily commutes, and everything in between. Whether shuttling the kids to school or embarking on a weekend getaway, SUVs such as the Palisade and the Atlas are reliable choices for families needing a capable and accommodating vehicle.

Family unloading things in the car
Every family needs a practical vehicle with plenty of space for all members

Hyundai Palisade vs. Volkswagen Atlas – Overview of Main Specifications

Before I start comparing these SUVs in various aspects, let’s take a look at the main Hyundai Palisade and Volkswagen Atlas specifications:

Specification2023 Hyundai Palisade2023 Volkswagen Atlas
Type of Engine3.8L V-62L Turbo I-4
TransmissionAutomatic overdriveAutomatic overdrive
Horsepower291 hp at 6,000 rpm235 hp at 5,400 rpm
Torque262 ft/lb at 5,200 rpm258 ft/lb at 1,600 rpm
Fuel Efficiency19 city, 27 highway21 city, 25 highway

Both Family SUVs Effortlessly Combine Style and Practicality

While these stylish SUVs look pretty similar at first glance, there are certain features that might make one a more attractive choice over the other. However, which vehicle is better in terms of exterior design always comes down to personal taste and preferences. Some people prefer to have a sleek, contemporary look for their ride, while others would rather stick with the familiar.

The Palisade Boasts a More Contemporary Look

The Hyundai refreshed the Palisade’s exterior styling for the 2023 model year, giving it a design that exudes confidence and sophistication. The sleek lines and sculpted body give this SUV a modern and aerodynamic look. Also, the prominent grille features stylish LED headlights, adding elegance to the overall appearance.

The VW Atlas Offers the Timeless Appeal of a Modern SUV

Unlike the Palisade, the Volkswagen Atlas hasn’t changed much in terms of exterior design since the 2021 model year. However, it still has an eye-catching look, capturing the essence of a modern and robust SUV with its strong stance and bold lines. The front grille might not be as prominent, but it’s complemented by sleek LED headlights that create a striking and dynamic look.

Hyundai Palisade SUV parked in the forest, front view
While it comes down to personal taste, the Hyundai offers a more contemporary look

Choose One of the Best Deals and Consider Interior and Cargo Space as Crucial Aspects

Having a family SUV with sufficient interior space is obviously crucial. No matter if you plan on using it as a city car or for weekend road trips. A spacious interior provides comfortable seating and ample legroom for all of your family members. Including adults and growing children. You can also pack plenty of groceries and luggage when the situation calls for it.

Here is a head-to-head comparison of these SUVs:

Measurement2023 Hyundai Palisade2023 Volkswagen
Length196.7 inches200.7 inches
Width77.8 inches78.3 inches
Height68.9 inches70.1 inches
Wheelbase114.2 inches117.3 inches
Seating Capacity87
Cargo Space18 cu/ft20.6 cu/ft
*For the metric system, an inch is 25.4 mm

Do You Need a Bigger Space or Not? The Atlas Is Slightly Bigger Than Its SUV Competitor

When it comes to interior space and cargo capacity, the Palisade falls slightly short of the Atlas, which boasts exceptional capacity. Its back third-row seating comfort is pretty generously sized, providing comfortable seating even for adults. However, this SUV has a seating capacity of up to seven passengers, while the Palisade can fit up to eight people depending on the trim level.

The situation is pretty much the same in terms of available cargo space. The Palisade provides good storage options. But the Atlas definitely comes on top with 96.8 cubic feet of cargo with the rear seats folded. And 20.6 cubic feet when all of your family members are occupying the seats. All in all, no matter how slight the differences are, if having sufficient space is your top priority, the Volkswagen SUV is definitely the better choice.

Volkswagen Atlas display at a dealership. VW offers the Atlas in SE, SEL, and SEL Premium models.
If interior space is your top priority, the Atlas has a slight advantage over its competitor

The Palisade Offers Better Infotainment Features as Standard

No matter if you’re cruising around endlessly looking for a parking space in one of the cities with the worst drivers or you’re embarking on a fun family road trip, a well-equipped infotainment system can make all the difference. The staple of modern vehicles, this system enhances the overall driving and passenger experience with plenty of entertainment, connectivity, and convenience features.

Infotainment Features of the Hyundai Palisade

The Palisade comes in five trim levels – SE, SEL, XRT, Limited, and Calligraphy, with the infotainment features getting better the higher you go. The system is easy to operate, and the touchscreen display is pretty responsive, equipped with a couple of knobs and buttons to enhance its ease of use.

Here’s what you can look forward to as standard features:

  • 12.3-inch touchscreen display,
  • Android Auto,
  • Apple CarPlay,
  • Bluetooth,
  • Wi-Fi hotspot,
  • Five USB ports,
  • Voice recognition,
  • HD radio,
  • Satellite radio.

Infotainment Features of the Volkswagen Atlas

The Atlas comes with three basic trims – SE, SEL, and SEL Premium, but you can upgrade each of these levels to a V-6 engine and basically get a whole new trim. Compared to the Palisade, the infotainment system is not as fresh-looking, but it’s still pretty easy to use and comes with all the necessary features.

Here’s what you get as standard with the Volkswagen Atlas:

  • 6.5-inch touchscreen display,
  • Android Auto,
  • Apple CarPlay,
  • Bluetooth,
  • Two USB ports,
  • Six-speaker stereo.

Hyundai vs. Volkswagen Reliability – Both Cars Are Well-Equipped With Standard Safety Features

Both SUVs excel in terms of safety features, which is especially good news for those suffering from driving anxiety and looking for a reliable family vehicle. Also, family SUV safety ratings play a crucial role when choosing a vehicle. Standard forward-collision warnings, blind-spot monitoring, automated emergency braking, and rear cross-traffic alert are there to enhance overall awareness and prevent any accidents from happening.

It’s worth noting that the Palisade takes a significant step into the world of driverless cars by offering a semi-autonomous driving mode. While this feature operates on a limited number of roads as of now, the evolution of vehicles will surely make way for further advancements in the technology of autonomous driving.

Used Hyundai Palisade display. With supply issues, Hyundai is buying and selling pre-owned cars to meet demand.
The Hyundai offers more infotainment features at the base trim level

Mid-Size SUV Performance Review – A Head-To-Head Comparison of a Few Important Aspects

While performance might not be the first aspect that comes to mind when considering a family car, factors such as towing capacity and fuel economy can be deal breakers for those who enjoy outdoor activities or need to tow trailers, boats, or other equipment.

Here’s how these SUVs compare in these performance aspects:

Engine Power

the Hyundai Palisade features a more powerful engine. Its 3.8L V-6 engine generates about 291 hp and easily outperforms the Volkswagen’s 2L turbo inline-4 engine. However, I’ve already mentioned that the Atlas can be upgraded to a V-6 engine, which still doesn’t perform quite as well as the Hyundai, but improves the towing capacity a great deal.

SUV Towing Capacity

When it comes to towing capacity, we have a similar situation – when properly equipped, the Palisade can tow up to 5000 pounds, which is significantly more than the Volkwagen’s 2000 pounds maximum. However, if you want to upgrade this SUV with a V-6 engine, you’ll get a capable vehicle with the same capacity of up to 5000 pounds.

Fuel Economy

An upgraded Atlas might give you plenty of perks, but when it comes to Palisade vs. Atlas fuel efficiency, Palisade is definitely a winner (but if you want an even better solution, opt for Tucson). However, at the base trim level, the four-cylinder Volkswagen is slightly better than its competitor. No matter how small the difference is, everyone who knows a thing or two about the cost of owning a car knows just how significant it can be in the long run.

Atlas and Palisade Price Comparison – Both SUVs Are in the Same Price Range

Let’s end with some good news for those who are getting overwhelmed by today’s high car prices – both of these SUVs are some of the most affordable choices in the category. With a starting price of somewhere between $35,000 and $50,000, these vehicles are pretty attainable for most families who are in the market for a new four-wheeler.

Depending on the dealership or online store, as well as whether it’s a brand-new or a used car, the Atlas might be a bit cheaper, but not by a wide margin. And when you take into account Hyundai’s unparalleled warranty coverage, that difference really becomes insignificant.

When it comes to automotive industry awards, both SUVs have won some significant awards. The Volkswagen Atlas secures the title of SUV of the Year at the 14th Annual Hispanic Motor Press Awards. The Hyundai Palisade won the Family Vehicle of the Year award. And we can only expect more from these car brands since it’s announced that Palisade 2025 will have a hybrid option.

Black Volkswagen Atlas is driving along the street with an autumn urban background. Volkswagen Teramont is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by VW
The Atlas can be found at a slightly lower price point, but the difference is minimal

Volkswagen Atlas vs. Hyundai Palisade – It’s Up to You to Make the Final Decision

To conclude, it’s clear that there is a tight race between these two popular SUVs. The Palisade might offer a smoother ride with better performance, but the Atlas has more seating space and cargo capacity. Ultimately, which one of these aspects is more important to you will lead you to your final decision. With all the user reviews – Palisade vs Atlas on your mind, no matter which of these models you choose, either of these reliable SUVs will surely be an excellent pick for your household.