10 Most Stolen Cars in the USA

If you’re lucky enough, you’ve never had the experience of returning to a parking place only to find out your four-wheeler is missing. No matter if you have personal experience or not, knowing what the most stolen cars in the USA are can be helpful in figuring out if you need to take an extra step in security for your vehicle. So, here’s a list of car models that have been the most popular targets when it comes to auto theft in the last decade.

Auto Theft Is Nearing Record Highs, With No Signs of Slowing Down

Unfortunately, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), there’s been an unprecedented rise in auto theft across the nation, and as of now, there are no hopes for it slowing down. The reports show the highest numbers since 2008, with major urban areas like New York or Philadelphia having triple-digit increases in the last few years. 

Buying a Vehicle Is One of the Biggest Investments of Your Life, So It’s Important to Keep It Safe

Besides buying a home or paying off your education, buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your lifetime. No matter if it’s a brand-new model, a used vehicle, or even one with a salvage title, the market prices are really high nowadays. And for someone, all it takes is a few minutes and some skill for your car to disappear from your driveway. 

When you look through this list, you’ll quickly realize that there’s not one specific type of car criminals like to target. From small city cars to bigger vehicles meant for off-road driving, no car is truly safe. So, if you see your four-wheeler on this list, it doesn’t mean it will definitely get taken away from you at some point. It just means you might want to think about installing additional security features

Ford Focus car
 Your vehicle is one of your most prized possessions, so it should be protected

Here Are the Most Stolen Cars in the USA According to 2021 Reports

What are the most stolen cars in America? Here are the most common models involved with auto theft in 2021, along with their most frequently targeted model years:

ModelTheftsMost Stolen Model YearModel Base Price
Chevrolet Full-Size Pickup48,2062004$19,545
Ford Full-Size Pickup47,9992006$18,930
Honda Civic31,6732000$10,750
Honda Accord30,2741997$15,100
Toyota Camry17,2702007$24,095
GMC Pickup15,5992018$18,190
Nissan Altima14,1082015$24,300
Honda CR-V13,3082001$18,650
Jeep Cherokee13,2102000$18,785
Toyota Corolla12,9272018$19,600

The Most Targeted Models Have Been Mostly the Same Throughout the Years

For this list, I’ve analyzed the NICB reports from the last 10 years and came up with the top 10 most stolen cars. However, when the recent reports displayed above are taken into account, you’ll realize that not much has changed – the same models are ending up with the highest rates year after year. For example, if you’re wondering, “What are the most stolen cars in Chicago and California,” chances are you are going to see pretty similar results.

Besides the Jeep Cherokee, which showed fewer numbers in the past decade when compared to the Dodge Pickup, the rest of my list consists of the same models shown above. So, let’s see why each of them is a common target when it comes to auto theft and what you can do to improve security if you own one of these vehicles.

hand using remote key to unlocked a car
Auto theft is common for all types of vehicles, no matter how old they are

#1 Honda Accord – The Most Stolen Car of the Past Decade in the US

One of the most popular models both for drivers and thieves, it might seem confusing that a 1997 Honda Accord is on the top of the list. But, this model has high resale value, as well as interchangeable parts that can be used for most Honda vehicles. There’s also one fatal flaw that makes the theft almost effortless – as the ignition ages, it can become so imprecise that nearly anything can be used to start the engine, just as long as it fits in the keyhole. 

Honda Accord car
Interchangeable parts make the Honda Accord a perfect target

#2 Honda Civic – A Close Second Mainly for the Same Reasons as the Accord

Unfortunately, Honda takes the top two spots when it comes to auto theft, and both the Accord and the Civic are common targets for the same reasons. Compatible parts, high resale value, and out-of-date security systems make both of these models desirable and easy to steal. So, if you own a Honda Civic, particularly the 2000 line, it’s definitely time to figure out how to upgrade its security. 

Honda Civic car
Honda Civic has high theft rates due to the same reasons as the Accord

#3 Chevrolet Full-Size Pickup – One of the Most Stolen Cars in Recent Years

Chevy’s full-size pickups are known for their reliability and great performance. While they might be some of the most popular vehicles on the market, that also makes them a very desirable target. Also, pickups are usually hauling other valuable goods, so it’s possible that a criminal sees it as a 2-in-1 opportunity to gain profit.

While the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic have been declining when it comes to auto theft, the Chevy pickups are unfortunately on the rise in recent years, and the thefts have increased by 26% since 2019. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - June 17, 2019: red Chevrolet truck pickup parked on the side of the street in Philadelphia
The popularity of the Chevy pickup is what makes it so desirable for thieves

#4 Ford Full-Size Pickup – The Main Contender to the Chevy Pickup in the Last Few Years

The Chevy full-size pickup is not the only model of this type that is a common target among car thieves. Actually, the Ford and Chevrolet pickups are frequently at the top of the list in recent annual reports, and it’s mainly for the same reasons. Somewhat easy to break into and very popular on the famous routes in the US. Add a thriving illegal market to the mix, and you’ve got yourself the perfect target for a car thief. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - June 17, 2019: white Ford truck pickup parked on the side of the street, Philadelphia
Besides the Chevy pickup, the one made by Ford also has high theft rates

#5 Toyota Camry – A Sedan With High Resale Value That Makes It a Desirable Target

Toyota Camry is one of the most popular mid-size sedans on the market today. Due to its affordability and great resale value, this car is popular both for drivers and thieves. I think you can gather by now that the best-selling vehicles are also frequently targeted by criminals, and the Toyota Camry is no exception. The good news is that Toyota has taken this into account, and the newer models are upgraded with advanced security features. 

Toyota Camry car on the street
When a vehicle is as popular on the market as the Camry is, it’s bound to be targeted

#6 Toyota Corolla – Not Even the Newer Models Are Spared From Theft

The most recent lines of Toyota Corolla come with several exclusive features and outstanding safety tech, and when you pack all of that into a compact sedan, you’ve got a best-seller on the market. Unfortunately, while the newer models have updated safety features, the keyless entry system is easy to bypass for experienced thieves that use relay devices such as transmitters and amplifiers. 

A white Toyota Corolla car
The Corolla has high theft rates both for older and newer model years

#7 Dodge Full-Size Pickup – Another Pickup That Is a Common Target When It Comes to Auto Theft

Dodge pickups, also known as Ram trucks, are a very common sight on US roads. As with other models on this list, doing good on the market also means being a popular target, no matter if you own the Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500. Because of the lack of advanced anti-theft features, the late models are a common choice among thieves. 

Although the Dodge Caravan didn’t make the list, this model had really high theft numbers in the earlier half of the past decade. While there has been a decline in recent years, it still remains one of the most sought-after Dodge models due to its reputation as the perfect family van. 

CANCUN, MEXICO - JUNE 4, 2017: Grey pickup truck Dodge Ram in the city street.
 Dodge pickups are a popular choice both among drivers and thieves

#8 Nissan Altima – Even the Newer Models Are an Easy Target When Relay Devices Are Used

The Nissan Altima is another one on the list that has the most recent model years frequently targeted by car thieves. This mid-size sedan offers both front and all-wheel drive, which is a very rare combination that makes it that much more in demand on the market. Unfortunately, despite the advanced features Nissan Altima has, an experienced criminal that knows how to use relay devices is all it takes for this car to disappear. 

OAXACA, MEXICO - MAY 25, 2017: Motor car Nissan Altima in the city street.
The Nissan with the highest theft rates is the popular Altima model

#9 GMC Full-Size Pickup – Very Desirable Due to Interchangeable Parts With the Chevy Pickup

The GMC Pickup, also known as the GMC Sierra, is another American-made pickup that is a common target when it comes to auto theft. Like Chevrolet, GMC is also under The General Motors Company, which means these two vehicles share many parts, with only minor aesthetic differences. Seeing as the Chevy pickup is one of the most frequently stolen cars on this list, it’s really no surprise that the GMC earns its spot here too. 

2021 GMC Sierra-Light-Duty Truck
GMC shares parts with the Chevy pickup, and that makes it very desirable for thieves

#10 Honda CR-V – Reliable Old Model Years Have Great Resale Value

This list is finished the same way it began – with a popular and reliable Honda model. The CR-V resembles the typical sedan while still incorporating many features of an SUV. Like the Nissan Altima, this family-friendly vehicle comes with both front and four-wheel drive, which makes it a great choice in many regions regardless of the weather condition. Besides popularity, the booming illegal market for secondary parts is also a key factor in why the CR-V makes the list. 

Honda SUV car
The CR-V is another popular Honda model both for drivers and criminals

Here Are the Main Reasons Why Your Vehicle Might Be the Perfect Target for Thieves

Economic factors have been the main reason why auto theft has been on a dramatic increase ever since the pandemic. But, now that cars are no longer left for weeks parked on the driveway, the rates are still going up with no hopes of stopping anytime soon. Here are the main reasons why this is happening:

High Market Value

The economic factor is always going to be the main reason why someone would decide to steal valuable property from someone else. You’ve probably realized that most of the contenders on this list are also some of the most popular cars in the US. If the model of your vehicle is highly in demand, you’ll naturally see it more on the streets, and some of them are bound to be taken away, especially if the model has great resale value.

Interchangeable Parts

While looking through this list, you’ve probably also gathered that some of these vehicles have a booming secondary parts market because they are made from easily interchangeable mechanisms. Hondas and GMC pickups are the first in line when it comes to compatible parts, and because of that, they are a common target among thieves that wish to sell their parts for profit.

Outdated Security Features

Older model years usually have not-so-advanced security features that, unfortunately, make theft almost effortless for an experienced criminal. However, even the evolution of cars and brand-new technology can’t stop the most skilled thieves, as the keyless ignition systems can be bypassed using relay devices.

A Few Extra Steps You Can Take in Order to Additionally Secure Your Four-Wheeler

Here are some of the best devices you can install in order to protect your trusted four-wheeler from being stolen:

  • Audible alarms, 
  • Brake locks,
  • Steering wheel locks,
  • Smart keys, 
  • Kill switches,
  • Wireless ignition authentication,
  • GPS tracking device.

The Most Important Thing Is to Simply Use Common Sense in Order to Avoid Auto Theft

At the end of the day, the most important thing you can do is to use common sense. Always remove the keys from the ignition and lock your doors with the windows rolled all the way up. It might seem obvious, but such mundane tasks can be easily overlooked and could end up costing you a lot of stress and money. Being careful is the number one driver’s responsibility that can turn out to be the most effective way to protect your four-wheeler.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Most Stolen Cars by State

What Are the Most Stolen Cars in California?

According to the California Highway Patrol, the top 5 most stolen cars in California in 2020 were:

  • Honda Civic,
  • Honda Accord,
  • Chevrolet Silverado,
  • Toyota Camry,
  • Ford F-Series.
What Are the Most Stolen Cars in Texas?

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Hot Wheels Report for 2020, the top 5 most stolen cars in Texas were:

  • Ford Pickup (Full Size),
  • Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size),
  • Honda Civic,
  • GMC Pickup (Full Size),
  • Toyota Camry.
What Are the Most Stolen Cars in Colorado?

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Hot Wheels Report for 2020, the top 5 most stolen cars in Colorado were:

  • Ford Pickup (Full Size),
  • Honda Civic,
  • Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size),
  • Subaru Legacy,
  • Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee.
What Are the Most Stolen Cars in Oklahoma?

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Hot Wheels Report for 2020, the top 5 most stolen cars in Oklahoma were:

  • Ford Pickup (Full Size),
  • Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size),
  • Dodge Pickup (Full Size),
  • Honda Civic,
  • Toyota Camry.