Volkswagen ID.4 vs Tesla Model Y – Which One Is a Better Car for You?

VW and Tesla are definitely some of the most popular manufacturers globally. If you have a hard time deciding between Volkswagen ID.4 vs Tesla Model Y, don’t worry because you definitely aren’t the only one. Both electric four-wheelers have similar features and could be a great choice for you, but which one to choose? Let’s go over some facts and help you make a wise decision.

Although both cars have plenty of similar or same features, one definitely stands out and it’s the Tesla Model Y. It has better performance and characteristics compared with Volkswagen ID.4. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t some downsides to be aware of when it comes to the Tesla Model Y – for example, the price is significantly higher than VW ID.4.

Volkswagen ID.4 vs Tesla Model Y – Check and Compare Their Features

These two models are so full of features that your head will spin. Lucky for us, they are easier to understand than they might seem at first. They both have a touchscreen interface, heated seats, and the possibility for a panoramic glass roof (VW ID.4 Pro S has the option of an upgrade). But with VW, you get Car-Net, which lets you control features and keep an eye on your vehicle from a phone.

If you look at the Tesla Model Y and the Volkswagen ID.4, you may notice that the Tesla has a bigger touchscreen, but that doesn’t mean it’s better. For example, you can change the temperature in both types of cars. But many people have found the new VW ID.4’s physical buttons are easier to work with than the tech-based interface Tesla has.

In the table below check out and compare other features of these two models.

2022 VW ID.42022 Tesla Model Y
Drive TypeRWD (additional options are available)AWD
Basic Warranty4 yr/50k mi4 yr/50k mi
Automatic Emergency BrakingStandardStandard
Parking SensorsStandardStandard
Adaptive Cruise ControlStandardStandard
Remote Engine StartUnequippedStandard
Blind Spot SystemStandardStandard
Surround View CameraUnequippedStandard
Premium AudioUnequippedUnequipped
Multi-Zone Climate ControlUnequippedUnequipped

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 vs 2021 Tesla Model Y – Are There Any Significant Changes?

When the 2021 VW ID.4 first came out, it was considered modest for a new electric SUV. An update for 2022 will add some miles and make it more competitive with other smaller electric SUVs. 

As far as the 2021 Tesla Model Y, it is reasonably priced of the brand’s lineup. It has more space for cargo, SUV styling, and an optional upgrade of seats. The Model Y has two electric motors on board, which give it a lot of power.

Volkswagen ID.4, Electric SUV driving on a scenic road
The 2021 models have some differences compared to the 2022 models

What’s the Difference in the Interior?

Interior design can be a pretty big deal for some owners. So, let’s break it down to basics – there is a significant difference in the fabric on the seats of these two cars. Tesla has made special vegan seats that are supposed to be stain-resistant and provide the most comfort.

But this comes down to your own taste, as some drivers dislike the way this fabric feels. On the other hand, the VW ID.4 gives you more traditional choices, like cloth or V-Tex leatherette seats, and even a steering wheel is leather-wrapped (which makes it easy to clean).

car interior
The Interior of each model is diverse

Be Aware of the Dimensions These Two Vehicles Have 

When individuals drive a new car, you can tell right away how much bigger (or smaller) it is than the vehicle they use every day. Some people enjoy the idea of having the largest vehicle for on or off-road driving, and others like smaller cars. It all comes down to your specific taste. 

Compared to the VW ID.4, which is 180.5 inches long and 72.9 inches wide, the Tesla Model Y is a lot bigger. It is 187 inches long and 75.6 inches wide. Part of the reason for this is the possibility of an upgrade to a 7-seater for the Tesla Model Y, but you can only get a five-seater Volkswagen ID.4.

Some of the other measurements for models with five seats (Tesla Model Y/VW ID.4) that could interest you are listed below:

  • Wheelbase – 113.8/108.9 inches
  • Height – 63.9/64.6 in.
  • Cargo volume to seat – 76/64.2 cubic ft.
  • Front leg room – 41.8/41.1 in.
  • Second leg room – 40.5/37.6 in.

Check Out the Performance of These Electric Vehicles

Have you ever heard of someone wanting to buy an electric four-wheeler that has slow starting performance? Probably not. This is why it is so important to know how they perform before you buy one. Both of these models have All-Wheel Drive (though the Volkswagen ID.4 also has an option for Rear-Wheel Drive), but the focus point is on how they handle and how the driver feels.

The dual motors in the Tesla Model Y make it faster and more fun to drive, but the stiffer braking can end up making it tougher to ride in. On the other hand, driving the Volkswagen ID.4 feels softer and won’t shove you back in the seat.

The VW ID.4 also has different drive modes, such as Comfort, Sport, Eco, and Custom, which make it easy to use in different situations. It gives you the option of a sporty feel, like the Tesla Model Y, or a more relaxed feel for a drive through rural places.

Find Out More Details About Engines These Models Have

Considering the efficiency, Tesla has far better mileage performance on highways and in the city. If you want to find out more about the engine features of both four-wheelers, check the table below. 

2022 VW ID.42022 Tesla Model Y
Engine Type ElectricElectric
Torque229 lb-ft375 lb-ft
Horsepower201 hp384 hp
Sport ModeStandard Standard 
Eco ModeStandard Standard 
Electric Motor Output150.0 kW258.0 kW
Regenerative BrakingStandard Standard 
EPA Electric Range280 mile326 mile
Combined Fuel Economy107 MPGe122 MPGe
Highway Fuel Economy98 MPGe117 MPGe
City Fuel Economy116 MPGe127 MPGe

Which Vehicle Has Better Range? 

One of the most common things people want to know about these SUVs is how far they can go with a single charge. When you compare the Tesla Model Y to the Volkswagen ID.4, you’ll see that the Tesla goes farther, but the Volkswagen charges faster.

Of course, the range will depend on how you drive and take overall care of your four-wheeler. So, here are the advertised ranges but keep in mind what they depend on:

  • EPA-estimated for VW ID.4 Pro RWD is 260 miles,
  • EPA-estimated for VW ID.4 Pro S RWD is 250 miles,
  • EPA-estimated for VW ID.4 Pro AWD is 249 miles,
  • EPA-estimated for VW ID.4 Pro S AWD is 240 miles,
  • EPA-estimated for Tesla Model Y Long Range is 326 miles,
  • EPA-estimated for Tesla Model Y Performance is 303 miles. 

The Tesla Model Y can go farther, but the VW ID.4 can take you to and back from work for about a week. The biggest difference is that the VW ID.4 can be fully charged overnight on a 120-volt charging port, but it will take days to fully charge the Tesla Model Y this way.

Compare the Two Electric Motors

Driving electric SUVs has many perks and its motors have some characteristics you might never have heard of before. It’s pretty much the same when it comes to some steps you’ll need to take – disposing of a car battery adequately. This being said, let’s take a look at the characteristics of electric motors. 

Electric Motor Details 2022 VW ID.42022 Tesla Model Y
On-Board ChargerUnequipped11.5 kW
Level 1 Charging TimeUnequipped50.0 hours
Level 2 Charging Time7.5 hours6.0 hours
Level 2 Charging RateUnequipped37 miles per hour
DC Fast Charging RateUnequipped1000 miles per hour
DC Fast Charging Time10-80% in 30 Min0-80% in 15 Min
DC Fast Charger PortDC Charger PortTesla
DC Fast Charging RateUnequipped1000 miles per hour
DC Fast ChargerUnequipped250.0 kW
Usable Battery CapacityUnequipped78.3 kWh
Battery CapacityUnequipped80.5 kWh

Are the Prices Significantly Different?

There’s no hiding the fact that the Tesla Model Y is significantly more costly than the Volkswagen ID.4 (it is priced about $10,000 higher). The price range for the Model Y is from around $63,00 to $68,000, and the price range for ID.4 is from around $41,000 to $49,000. So, you might wonder why car prices are so high. The bottom line is, Tesla comes with more features that jack up the price.

You should also be aware that Tesla might have a greater range and more luxury features, but plenty of them are extras you’ll have to pay extra for. Even though it might seem like a good deal for a Tesla, you should keep in mind if the price was a big part of why you bought it.

Some of these add-ons and how much they cost are:

  • Seven seats $3,000,
  • Autopilot $10,000,
  • Tow package $1,000,
  • 20-inch induction wheels $2,000,
  • White or black interior $1,000.

What Can You Find Inside the Cabin?

The Tesla Model Y is flexible and has a lot of uses. The famous glass roof is beautiful, and the cabin has 72 cubic feet of space for cargo and a HEPA air filtration system to clean the air. There are also heated front and back seats, LED fog lights, and front and back seats that can be moved with a button.

The minimalist hatchback has flat-folding second-row seats that can fit you as well as six of your friends. But the people in the third line might not be as comfy as the others. However, this SUV has a beautiful 15.4-inch touchscreen with built-in YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu apps, as well as video games that can be played while having to wait for the battery to charge at a public charging station.

Testers of the Volkswagen ID.4 said that the cabin was very quiet, that the front and back seats were very comfortable, and that getting in and out was easy. There is also a lot of space for small things. Inside the ID.4, there is ambient lighting and heated cloth seats in the front. The modern cabin has a fun feel to it, and Pro S models have front seats that can be adjusted in 12 different ways and have memory functions, as well as upscale faux-leather upholstery.

Find More About Cargo and Seating

When it comes to cargo space, the Volkswagen ID.4 has more room than the Tesla Model Y. When all of the seats are in place, the Tesla Model Y can hold up to 30.2 ft3, and when the second seat row is folded down, it can hold up to 76.2 ft3. On the other hand, the VW ID.4 has 30.3 ft3 of space with the seats in place and up to 76.2 ft3 with the second row folded down. 

SUVs that can be bought with a third row will have less space for cargo. The Tesla Model Y has more leg space and more legroom in the back row than the Volkswagen ID.4. The front-row legroom in the Tesla Model Y is 41.8 inches, while the Volkswagen ID.4 only has 41.1 inches. The Tesla Model Y also has 40.5 inches of legroom in the second row, while the Volkswagen ID.4 only has 37.6 inches.

Black interior of a car
Check the seating and cargo room capacity

Choose the Best SUV Option for You

If you like having the newest technology, long-range, and bragging rights, you can’t do better than the Tesla Model Y. But if you’d rather save some cash, you can buy the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4, which is priced reasonably and focuses more on comfort.