Mercedes EQG Electric G-Class Is Coming in 2024 – What You Can Expect

Imagine the iconic, rugged charm of the G-Class, now powered by cutting-edge, battery-powered technology. Well, you won’t have to dream much longer – it seems like the Mercedes EQG Electric G-Class is coming in 2024. As we inch closer to its launch, let’s unpack the rumors, the whispers, and the all-around buzz this futuristic classic has brought to the showrooms.

From Concept to Reality – It Seems Like the Mercedes EQG Electric G-Class Is Coming in 2024

When Mercedes first teased us with the concept EQG, they described it as a near-production study. That was our initial glimpse into what an all-electric G-Class off-roader could look like, but that was a couple of years ago. 

Just as the buzz around it seemed to settle, Mercedes made the front page once again. Each day, the once conceptual dream is edging closer to becoming a tangible reality. It seems like everyone and their mothers are bustling with anticipation. But the good news is – we won’t be waiting much longer.

Mercedes Is All About Embracing the Electric Age Without Any Compromise

The history of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is a journey through decades, evolving from a dominant off-roading force to a luxury icon gracing celebrity driveways. As the automotive world pivots towards electric vehicles, it seems like this icon needs a breath of fresh air now more than ever. 

However, this transition doesn’t mean the G-Class is shredding its DNA – the near-production study is a testament to that. It’s unmistakenly G in design, radiating that signature robustness and charm, as well as the notorious off-road driving prowess. All in all, it seems like the EQG is here to show that going electric doesn’t mean compromising on capabilities that have defined this iconic model line for years. 

Mercedes benz icon paper texture logo 3d illustration
Evolution is not always about breaking away from the past – Mercedes knows this

The EQG Will Hold On to a Significant Chunk of the Iconic Boxy Charm

At first glance, the EQG concept might trick you into thinking it’s just the standard G-Class in new clothes. But don’t let yourself be fooled – while it holds onto the beloved boxy silhouette, there’s more than meets the eye. 

The EQG is a masterclass in preserving heritage while embracing vehicle evolution. The prototype mirrors the iconic look with its unabashedly boxy frame, upright windscreen, and classic round headlights. The overall essence is unmistakably G-Wagon, but there will certainly be some tweaks here and there by the time this icon hits the road. 

There Might Be a Few Details That Elevate the Futuristic Look One Step Further

Now, let’s talk about those extra bits that sprinkle a bit of the future onto this classic design. The EQG concept wowed us with a grille that’s not just there for show – it lights up with some pretty funky designs. Fingers crossed, this cool feature makes it to the production line.

The prototype’s lower bumper, with its bold air intakes and distinct square pattern, seems ready for the streets. And those wheels? They look pretty fresh and like they’re just a step away from rolling off the production line. However, the rear design might nod back to tradition with a rear-mounted spare tire, even if the concept sported a square box for storing charging cables. And here’s a fun twist – with no traditional engine upfront, rumor has it Mercedes might have repurposed that space for some extra storage

Black Mercedes G-Wagon parked in the parking lot
The much-beloved boxy design is here to stay

It Seems Like the Inside Cabin Will Also Keep Much of Its Predecessors

Diving into the interior, the EQG concept seems to be playing a familiar tune, closely mirroring the cabin of its traditional counterpart. This continuity hints that the finished four-wheeler might sidestep the trend of massive widescreen displays like the Hyperscreed found in its siblings, the EQS and EQE. 

It leaves us pondering whether Mercedes has a trick up its sleeve to incorporate a grand 56-inch display into the rugged frame of the G-Class. However, as of this moment, the full story of the interior is a bit of a mystery. One thing’s for sure – we’re all eagerly waiting to see how Mercedes balanced the classic with the contemporary inside this electrified icon. 

The inside of a Mercedes AMG G63
We don’t know much about the interior features as of now

The EQG Will Most Probably Have Four Electric Motors – One for Each Wheel

While the EQG may share some kinship with its gas-powered sibling in terms of suspension and chassis, under the hood, it’s a whole new beast. Picture this – four electric motors, one for each wheel, poised to deliver a thrilling and precise off-roading experience. This nod to modern power isn’t without its due diligence to the tradition – the electric batteries will be embedded within the well-known rugged frame that’s as sturdy as it gets. 

What really revs up the excitement is the charging tech borrowed from the mighty EQS. Brace yourself for around 200kW charging prowess, capable of juicing up your EQG with an extra 190 miles of range in a mere 15 minutes. With power like that, there’s no space for range anxiety or other common EV problems

There’s No Chance That the Off-Road Capability Will Be Compromised in Any Way

With individual electric motors for each wheel, this SUV is set to conquer terrains like a champ. Imagine the possibilities – precise control, incredible traction, and the capability to tackle the toughest trails. In fact, word on the street is that it might even have a trick or two up its sleeve. Most notably – the turn-on-the-spot feature, where left and right wheels can dance to their own tunes, allowing the EQG to spin like a bulldozer. Now that’s off-roading with style! 

But it’s not just about off-road prowess – the EQG knows how to balance both worlds. Taking a cue from its concept, it might come equipped with a shiftable 2-speed gearbox for those adventurous journeys off the beaten path. And while it retains a similar chassis setup to its gas-powered sibling, featuring a sophisticated independent front suspension, it promises a comfortable and composed ride on the asphalt, too.

A red Mercedes G-Wagon on sand
The battery-powered counterpart will take on any terrain just as well

When Will You Be Able to Buy the Mercedes EQG?

For those who’ve been eagerly tapping their feet, the wait for the Mercedes EQG is drawing to a close. As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, the concept made its debut a few years back, and impatience is understandable

Good news, though! A prototype of the EQG dazzled the crowds at CES in Las Vegas this January, bringing us closer than ever to the real deal. The official reveal is just around the corner, and by the end of 2024, we should be looking at the future of the G-Wagon in all its electric glory.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

While there’s no official word on the price tag, it’s safe to say the EQG will have you reaching deep into your pockets. With an expected starting price of around $150,000, this isn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill SUV. Keep an eye out for more details on the different trims and their pricing as we get closer to this off-roader’s grand entrance. 

Two people talking about money
One thing’s for sure – this will be a significant investment

What We Still Don’t Know About the Mercedes EQG Electric G-Class

We’ve taken you on a thrilling ride through what we know so far about the Mercedes EQG. From its iconic design to its off-roading prowess, we’ve uncovered some exciting details. However, in the world of automobiles, the devil is in the details, and there’s much that remains shrouded in mystery. Here’s a list of burning questions that we’re eagerly awaiting answers to:

  • How far can the EQG go on a single charge, and how long will it take to charge up for another adventure?
  • What will the real-world efficiency look like, and how does it compare to its gas-powered counterpart?
  • What surprises await inside the cabin? How spacious and comfortable is it, and what’s the cargo capacity like?
  • What high-tech features will be at your fingertips? Will there be a Hyperscreen or other cutting-edge infotainment systems?
  • How does the EQG stack up in terms of safety tech? Will it offer advanced driver-assistance features?
  • What kind of warranty can you expect with this significant investment?
  • How does Mercedes plan to handle maintenance for its electric off-roader?
mercedes benz logo
We’ve got to be a bit more patient for further details down the road

The Road Is All Clear for Charging Into the Future With Mercedes

As we’ve peeled back the curtain on this innovative off-roader, we’ve witnessed a harmonious blend of classic charm and cutting-edge technology. With questions still lingering about its range, charging, interior luxuries, and more, the excitement only grows as we await the grand reveal. Either way, the road ahead is set to be a thrilling adventure into the world of electric off-roading. Stay charged, stay curious, and stay tuned for what’s to come!